What are Run-Flat Tyres?

Run flats have specially reinforced sidewalls meaning that even when they are punctured, you can carry on driving on them for a limited number of miles and at a reduced speed. Normally, you can drive for a maximum of 50 miles at a top speed of 50mph on a punctured run-flat, allowing you to get to your nearest garage. This saves you from having to replace your tyre at the roadside (which may be difficult or even dangerous) or call out emergency roadside assistance. 


Can Run Flats be repaired?

Definitely not. Our tyre technicians won’t agree to repair a run-flat; instead, they’ll offer to replace it. Tyre manufacturers advise not to repair run-flats for a very important reason; it can prove to be dangerous. 


What are my options?

If you have a run-flat and your TPMS is warning you that you may have a puncture, it’s important to get your tyres looked at by a professional as soon as you can. 

Replacing a run-flat may not cost you as much as you think. We offer a wide range of these tyres to suit all budgets and should have exactly what you’re looking for. You can check, here: https://segensworth-automobiles.co.uk/buy-tyres/


A Warning About Run Flat Tyres

Unfortunately, some drivers mistakenly think that because they’re called run-flats, these tyres will allow for normal driving conditions even with a puncture. It’s really important that you don’t continue to use run-flats following a puncture. If you try to keep using a punctured run-flat as you would normally, you might put your safety and the safety of others at risk. 


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The Team at Segensworth Automobiles