The MOT Test: A Comprehensive Guide

The MOT Test: A Comprehensive Guide

Vehicles that are more than three years old are legally required to take an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test every year to check it is roadworthy. This comprehensive MOT guide will cover off everything you need to know, including what gets checked in a test and what...

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COVID-19 Update from Segensworth Automobiles

COVID-19 Update from Segensworth Automobiles

We are now open! We are back to work with social distancing measures in place. Booking your next MOT with Segensworth Automobiles We highly recommend pre-booking your next MOT in advance to make sure that your car is road legal for when you need it most. The...

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A Warning About Run Flat Tyres

A Warning About Run Flat Tyres

What are Run-Flat Tyres? Run flats have specially reinforced sidewalls meaning that even when they are punctured, you can carry on driving on them for a limited number of miles and at a reduced speed. Normally, you can drive for a maximum of 50 miles at a top speed of...

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Drivers face not being able to get an MOT in time from October

New rules on MOT testing for light vehicles

Due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation, cars and vans and motorcycles due their MOT from 30 March 2020 will have their MOT extended by 6 months. This will continue until confirmed otherwise. This will allow vehicle owners to continue to be able to get to work where...

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