Maintaining proper visibility at all times is imperative when driving a vehicle to ensure the safety of those travelling with you as well as yourself and other road users. If your windscreen wipers aren’t functioning properly then your vision is compromised making you a danger on the road.

Research has shown that some drivers wait up to three years before changing their wiper blades or until they can barely see through the windscreen. This irresponsible decision could cause a serious accident or at worst, a fatality, if you were to get stuck in a sudden downpour with faulty or inadequate wipers.

To avoid this hazardous situation occurring play it safe and be ready for any weather, any time with proper wiper blade maintenance. The sooner you see the hazard, the more time you have to react and avoid an accident.

Come Rain or Shine – all weather conditions affect the performance of your wiper blades.
It stands to reason that harsh winter weather plays havoc with your wiper blades due to rain and frost. However, warm, sunny weather can also cause them to deteriorate. Heat and infrequent use can cause wipers to crack and become brittle. Even road chemicals and airborne pollutants can cause deterioration.

Wiper Blade Maintenance Tips

  • Replace both your wipers at the same time.
  • If your wipers are ‘juddering’ across the windscreen or causing streaks this is a good indication that they need to be replaced.
  • Replace wipers at least every six months, or sooner if the above is happening.
  • Don’t forget the rear wiper blades too.