A picture paints a thousand words as they say. Mick’s handiwork (above).

Segensworth Automobiles received a delightful email this week, and we wanted to share it with our online community

“Hi, I have to send you this as my wife is stood over me with a rolling pin in hand which I know she will use if I do not comply.

On Monday morning I submitted my darling wife’s Fiat Panda for its annual MOT.   Being the oaf that I am, during my pre-test checks, I had thrown her two stuffed toy panda animals into the rear footwell; they normally reside in the two rear side windows.   Sometime during the MOT test, Mick Bloomfield had respectfully secured them both, in seated positions, in the rear seats and secured them with their respective seatbelts.   Still being an oaf that I am, I failed to see what Mick had done whilst driving the car back home for my dear wife to use.   Imagine my wife’s surprise, this morning, on finding her two dear friends safe and secure in the rear seats.   Well done Mick, thanks for showing me up…

Thanks again,  DW, (she’s still going to hit me anyway)”

Thanks, DW, we all laughed, and you have brightened our week. Don’t be embarrassed, Mick always tries to bring smiles to the friends of fluffy toys!