Ensuring your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition is of paramount importance to the health and safety of yourself and other road users, but also to that of Mother Nature. All vehicles emit gases from the engine, such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide via the exhaust pipe. Whilst this can’t be stopped completely measures can be taken to help reduce your carbon footprint.

As well as being hazardous to the environment, a faulty exhaust system can cause harm to the health of the driver and passengers as fumes can enter the vehicle through the ventilation system.

Exhaust problems are usually fairly easy to identify. You may be able to hear whether there are any unusual sounds coming from the exhaust pipe area. A visual inspection should reveal any areas of excess corrosion. Rust, holes or cracks in an exhaust pipe will also result in failure to pass the MOT.

Advantages of having a fully functioning exhaust system:

  • Fuel efficiency is improved.
  • Fuel emissions are reduced.
  • Quieter engine running sound.
  • Engine performance significantly improved.

Spotted any of the above symptoms?

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