Light maintenance is just as important as maintaining the rest of your vehicle but one that many of us forget to check regularly. Now that we are in the depths of winter it is important that all your lights are working effectively as the mornings are probably still dark on your commute to work and the night has already drawn in by the time you go home (yes it is depressing, we know!)

The best way to check your lights is with another person so they can look at the front and rear of your vehicle whilst you test them as sometimes they can fail in combinations. Your brake lights and indicators should be tested with the headlights on and off, as a bad earth can cause a fault if both lights are on simultaneously.

It is also important to check the alignment of your lights to avoid dazzling people in the dark as this is often the cause of midnight blinding rather than drivers travelling with their full beams on (which is what most of us assume). Your car can actually fail its MOT test if your beams are aimed too high not to mention causing an accident due to oncoming vehicles being temporarily blinded by your ignorance.

We would always advise drivers to carry spare bulbs in the car should one blow in the middle of a long journey  – it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind!