Electric car chargers installed at people’s homes will be automatically set to switch off for 9-hours a day at peak times because ministers fear that the increased demand on the National Grid could result in power cuts throughout the country.

Under regulations that will come into force in May 2022, new chargers installed at home and the office will be automatically set to switch off between the hours of 8-11 am and 4-10 pm. Public chargers and rapid chargers, on motorways and A-roads, will be exempt from this.

The government is also taking measures to implement a “randomised delay” of up to 30-minutes at other times to avoid pressure on the grid if there is a scramble among motorists to recharge their batteries at the same time.

Sales of electric vehicles have been slow to take hold, but there are signs that the switch is beginning to pick up pace. Although the pandemic has skewed last year’s numbers and the semiconductor shortage is limiting production this year, data shows electrified vehicles sales have increased significantly in the past year.

Adapted from an original article by thetimes.co.uk