Rhianon Lewis, owner of Segensworth Automobiles is celebrating this International Women’s Day by reaching her 30-year milestone in the motor industry.  Rhianon has headed up the garage since 1990 and was one of the first females to take up this role in such a male-dominated industry.

Rhianon has welcomed many successes in her years in the industry including accolades such as winning Team of the Year in the Portsmouth Evening News Awards. Segensworth Automobiles is the 3rd garage in the country to get the Kitemark automotive and has achieved the much sought-after AA approval status as well as leasing company repair approval via the 1LINK platform. The garage is also listed as one of the Top 20 garages in the country with MOTORCODES.

Rhianon said: “It has been an overwhelming journey for me, and my business and the last 30 years have been incredibly rewarding. I am proud to be a forward-thinking woman in the motor industry and to work with partners to continue to drive success for our own business and the wider industry.”


One of these partners is 1LINK of whom Segensworth Automobiles is proudly affiliated. 1LINK is a service that transforms the way fleet operators interact with suppliers across procurement, maintenance, hire, remarketing and licensing of vehicles. The garage has been immersed in this innovative technology and has been using the updated version of the 1LINK Service Network e-commerce platform in all fleets and garages for over three years.

The 1LINK Service Network is used by fleets running more than two million vehicles to buy service and maintenance from 15,000 franchise dealers, independent garages and fast-fits and is typically updated at least three times every year. Release 34 of the platform features have been updated to make information easier to access and read, as well as a new mailbox structure. At a more technical level, there are a number of detailed enhancements designed to handle more sophisticated menu pricing terms, report on key savings generated by the system, and add a number of new features to the Price Check tool. Price Check, introduced in early 2009, can be used in a variety of ways but, at its most basic, can be used to identify where savings are being achieved and then repeat them in future.

Ken Trinder, Head of Business Development at epyx, said: “1LINK Service Network has long been established as the industry standard service and maintenance e-commerce platform but Release 34 moves the game on again. We are very proud of the product and the many new benefits that it creates for all parties in the fleet SMR supply chain.”

Rhianon believes this technology has transformed her business and helped to drive her success over the past few years, she said: “The affiliation we have with industry specialist technologies has hugely improved the way we do business and the service we can deliver to our loyal customer base. The team at 1LINK are amazingly supportive and knowledgeable.”

Segensworth Automobiles is on the up and up and put exceptional customer service at the forefront of their organisation with all their technicians being ATA qualified. The garage offers and has offered a progressive range of services including, Bodyshop (since 2012), Bikeshop (since 2013) and the Tyreshop (2017). For more information or to book visit segensworth-automobiles.co.uk.