‘Accidents’ happen, but choose us to put things right

and no-one will ever know…

For all those annoying small dentsscratches and scuffs, why not bring your vehicle along to our Body Shop and try our quick, reliable and professional service to help make your vehicle shine once again.

To make the process simple our website now features a new enquiry form which enables you to upload photographs of your damaged vehicle and receive a provisional quote* direct to your email inbox.


We could save you hundreds of pounds with our Body Shop prices!

Services available in the Bodyshop include;

  • Dent RemovalDents disappear as if by magic with our Paintless Dent Removal service.
  • Chip, Scratch, Scuff & Crack Repairs – We may be able to get the problem fixed in just 1 day!
  • Interior Repair – Let us repair those annoying upholstery and dashboard holes, rips and tears.
  • Wheel Repair – Scuffed and kerbed wheels can really let your car down, so let us refurbish them.
  • Valet – Give your car a new lease of life.

Call us today on 01489 662000 or fill in our new simple Body Shop Enquiry Form.

*Quote subject to inspecting vehicle.