Your car’s MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is an essential annual check to ensure your vehicle remains safe and roadworthy. However, recent statistics from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) have highlighted a concerning trend affecting vehicles across the UK.

According to a recent IMI report, tyres are now the leading cause of MOT failures. An astonishing 46% of MOT failures are due to tyre-related issues. That’s nearly half of all failed MOTs!

So, what’s behind these alarming figures? The IMI points to a few key factors. Firstly, the average weight of vehicles has been increasing, which places extra stress on tyres. This added weight accelerates wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of tyre-related problems.

But there’s more. Modern vehicles, known for their powerful torque, put additional strain on tyres. Whether it’s a petrol, diesel, or electric car, the high torque during sudden starts and heavy braking can cause tyres to wear out more quickly.

Surprisingly, the data also indicates that newer vehicles have a higher failure rate in MOTs compared to older models. Newer cars have an 11.39% failure rate, whereas older models stand at 10.74%. This suggests a worrying trend of declining roadworthiness among newer vehicles.

One possible reason for this increase in MOT failures is the shortage of skilled technicians capable of servicing modern cars. As vehicles become more complex, fewer mechanics have the necessary training to diagnose and fix issues, including those related to tyres. The IMI warns that this shortage could become even more severe, estimating a potential shortfall of 16,000 qualified mechanics by 2032. If drivers start doubting the availability of skilled technicians, it could have serious implications for road safety.

Now, don’t let these statistics scare you, but they are a reminder of the importance of regular tyre maintenance. Simple actions like checking tyre pressure, tread depth, and looking for signs of wear and tear can drastically reduce the chances of an MOT failure.

As we move towards an era of more advanced vehicles, the need for skilled mechanics becomes even more critical. It’s essential for manufacturers, policymakers, and drivers to invest in training programmes and workshops to ensure we have enough experts to maintain vehicle safety.

Regardless of whether you drive an electric vehicle or a traditional petrol-powered car, never underestimate the importance of your tyres. They are the only part of your vehicle that touches the road, and their condition is vital for your safety.

So, next time your MOT is due, give your tyres the attention they deserve. If you notice any issues with your tyres or any other part of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to seek out a qualified mechanic to keep your car in top shape. Remember, safe driving starts with well-maintained tyres and a well-serviced vehicle!

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