Scuffed and kerbed wheels can really let your car down, so let Segensworth Automobiles refurbish them to nearly new condition and give your vehicle its mojo back.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Remove wheel from vehicle.
  2. Thoroughly clean wheel.
  3. Break tyre bead away from wheel to allow access around full wheel edge.
  4. Make good damage to wheel rim and external faces as necessary.
  5. Repaint external face of wheel rim as necessary.
  6. Apply lacquer and oven bake.
  7. Re-inflate tyre and replace wheel on vehicle.

We only repaint the external wheel face and if there is any alloy corrosion, we can’t guarantee that this will not return over time. As tyres are not removed from wheels re-balancing is not usually required and we do not include this unless requested. With some low profile tyres it is occasionally necessary to remove the tyre completely from the wheel, in which case an additional charge may be made to allow for the removal/replacement and fitment of new valves and rebalancing.

‘Wheel’ make your alloys sparkle again!


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To receive a quote, either bring your vehicle into our workshop or fill in our Enquiry Form and a member of our team will call you to discuss your requirements.


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